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Who said insurance can’t be rewarding?
Get all the protection you need and earn cashback or other rewards with Beema’s Pay-per-kilometer or SmartDriver options.
Earn cashback with Beema Pay-per-kilometer
Traditional insurers don't care about your mileage. But the math says that the less you drive, the less likely you are to cause an accident. With Beema Pay-per-kilometer, your final price will depend on your mileage. Win-win!
Recommended for those who drive less than 20,000 km per year.
How does it work?
This option cannot be activated in conjunction with SmartDriver.
Earn rewards with Beema SmartDriver
Reckless drivers get their fair share of tickets. But we believe the opposite should be true too - responsible drivers should be rewarded. And that's where Beema SmartDriver comes in.
Recommended for those who drive more than 20,000 km per year.
How does it work?
This option cannot be activated in conjunction with Pay-per-kilometer.
A win-win for everyone!
Go on, give it a swipe.
Set the slider to your yearly mileage and see how much cashback you’ll earn.
If you drove less than 20,000 km at the end of the year, you get cashback on your insurance premium. You can choose to get the money wired to your bank account and spend it on whatever you like, or use it as a downpayment to get cheaper car insurance for the following year.
And the best part? You can do all of this without installing a black box on your car or tracking your driving. All we need from you are 2 simple snapshots of your mileage, and voila!
Yearly mileage
People often ask us:
What is Pay-per-kilometer insurance?

Pay-per-kilometer, also known as mileage-based or pay-as-you-go insurance, is a type of car insurance in which the premium (aka your cost) changes depending on how much you drive.

The idea behind it is simple.

If your car is parked in your garage or your driveway, we can safely assume that you're less likely to have an accident. The less you are prone to accidents, the fewer claims we can expect to receive.

Unfortunately, traditional insurers don't consider your mileage as an important factor when calculating your premium. For instance, even if you commute daily from Sharjah to Business Bay in Dubai, you are paying almost the same premium as someone driving daily from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

With Pay-per-kilometer insurance, you pay your annual quote upfront, and then earn up to 25 % cashback if you've driven less than 20,000 km at the end of the year.

Find out more on how our Pay-per-kilometer insurance works here.

What happens if I drive more than 20,000 km?

If you end up driving more than 20,000 km in a year, no worries: we won’t bump up your premium.

You will still enjoy the full insurance cover for the price you paid in the beginning.

Not a single penny more.

Why can't I give you my average mileage now and get cashback straight away?

Our main job is to provide you with a great cover, which will keep you safe from any surprise bills. The same applies to your cashback benefit, too. If we gave you cashback based on your estimate at the beginning of your policy, you'd always be worrying whether you drove more than expected and get an additional invoice at the end of the year.

Calculating your saving at the end of the year, we make sure to surprise you with a cashback instead 🙂.

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Are you a safe driver?
With Beema SmartDriver, you earn rewards for keeping yourself and others safe on the road.
To activate the feature, download Beema's mobile app and enable the required permissions. A Driving Score will be generated with each trip, based on three criteria:
Smooth driving: how abruptly you brake before vs. during a turn, coasting vs. braking in front of a traffic light, etc.
Speeding: adhering to the minimum and maximum speed limits.
Phone handling: the number of times you used your phone while driving.
Beema Smart Driver
People often ask us:
What is Beema SmartDriver?

SmartDriver is an innovative feature that Beema launched to encourage and promote safer driving. It’s the first of its kind in the region, and rewards users at the end of the year for more responsible driving during their policy periods.

Think of it as the opposite of a speeding ticket. You get rewarded for driving safely rather than penalized for driving recklessly. Just our way of saying thank you for keeping yourself, and others, safe on the road. 🚗

How does it work, exactly?

Through Beema’s mobile app, SmartDriver works by measuring the driving habits of users (such as speeding, phone handling, and smooth driving) and rewards them based on that. With each trip you make, a Driving Score will be generated that indicates how well you drove. The higher your score, the safer your driving was and the bigger your rewards will be. And if you happen to score a little lower, you can see which areas in your driving you can improve from the app for future trips!

Does the SmartDriver add-on come at an extra cost?

Nope - not a penny more than your original policy price. Win-win, right?