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Beema SmartDriver (coming soon)
What is Beema SmartDriver?

SmartDriver is an innovative feature that Beema launched to encourage and promote safer driving. It’s the first of its kind in the region, and rewards users at the end of the year for more responsible driving during their policy periods.

Think of it as the opposite of a speeding ticket. You get rewarded for driving safely rather than penalized for driving recklessly. Just our way of saying thank you for keeping yourself, and others, safe on the road. 🚗

How does it work, exactly?

Through Beema’s mobile app, SmartDriver works by measuring the driving habits of users (such as speeding, phone handling, and smooth driving) and rewards them based on that. With each trip you make, a Driving Score will be generated that indicates how well you drove. The higher your score, the safer your driving was and the bigger your rewards will be. And if you happen to score a little lower, you can see which areas in your driving you can improve from the app for future trips!

Does the SmartDriver add-on come at an extra cost?

Nope - not a penny more than your original policy price. Win-win, right?

How do I activate it?

To activate SmartDriver, all you need to do is download Beema’s mobile app. and then enable Behavioral and Location permissions in the app itself and in your phone’s Settings. Follow the simple steps outlined below:

For iPhone users:

  1. Download the Beema app
  2. Enable Behavioral Measuring from the app pop-up
  3. Go to your Settings app, and click on Beema
  4. Allow access to Location (make sure to choose Always so your Driving Score is calculated accurately)
  5. Allow access to Motion & Fitness

For Android users:

  1. Download the Beema app
  2. Enable Behavioral Measuring from the app pop-up
  3. Go to your Settings app, and click on Beema's App Permissions
  4. Select Location (make sure to choose All the time so your Driving Score is calculated accurately)
  5. Go back to App Permissions and allow access to Physical Activity
Can I remove the Beema app from my phone after activating SmartDriver and still get rewarded?

In order to accurately calculate your Driving Score and allow you to redeem your SmartDriver rewards at the end of the year, the Beema app needs to remain installed on your phone throughout your policy period. Don’t worry though - it’ll hardly take up any space in your storage. 😉

When can I redeem my SmartDriver rewards?

You can redeem your rewards at the end of your policy period. In other words, around the time your insurance policy is set to expire.

Will I be tracked all the time?

No. Your driving behavior will be the only thing that is measured with each trip you make. We’re not capturing any personal information nor tracking your location for any other purposes. Data protection and privacy are at Beema’s core, and we abide by strict GDPR regulations. To read Beema’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, please click here.

Can I add both Pay-per-kilometer and SmartDriver to my policy at once?

Unfortunately not. We’ve designed each option for a different type of driver: one for low-mileage drivers and one for high-mileage drivers. Depending on which of them you are, you can choose one of Beema’s two reward add-ons, at no additional cost to your insurance policy price.