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Frequently Asked Questions
Our experts, also known as Beemies, answer your questions in plain and simple language.
What is the difference between home insurance and building insurance?

Building insurance is a “narrower” type of insurance. It protects fixtures like your kitchen, bathroom, and other “permanent” fittings of your house or apartment.

But your home is much more than brick and mortar.

Home insurance, on the other hand, can cover other things in your house. You can decide to include your house contents in your home insurance: your furniture, your appliances, and so on. With Beema, you can even cover your personal belongings and your domestic helpers in your home insurance, for instance.

Is it worth getting home insurance?

Now, mishaps happen. We all think they won’t happen to us, ever. But what if?

Take a look around your house. Try to make a quick estimate of how much your things are worth. Your laptop, your new kitchen, your granny’s commode (invaluable, we know)...

Home insurance can cost you as little as AED 1 a day. That’s not even a cup of coffee. It’s that coin you left inside the supermarket trolley the other day, not bothering to go back and get it because it was too hot outside.

So, how much is sleeping tight—knowing you’re protected in case something happens—worth to you? 😉

What information do I need for home insurance? How long does it take to get a quote?

Brick and mortar insurance houses (pun intended) will typically ask you for a suitcase of paperwork. With Beema, you do it all online in three easy steps:

  • Select the type of building (villa or apartment)
  • Enter your address
  • Choose the coverage amounts

And you’re done.

Can I get a discount on my home insurance?

Sure. If you buy online, you’ll get 10% off on your insurance premium. No need to type in promo codes. We’ll apply it automatically to your quote in the end.

Is my house covered while I am away?

Indeed. You can stay away for up to 60 days, and your safe place will🤗

What happens if I have a water leak and it gets into my neighbour’s flat?

You’re safe. With Beema, you get a sweet perk called liability insurance: it protects you from any claims that may arise from damage caused to your neighbours.