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Frequently Asked Questions
Our experts, also known as Beemies, answer your questions in plain and simple language.
How does travel insurance work?

Travel insurance is a must-have when you travel abroad. You can forget sunscreen but not your insurance cover.

So how does it work? Well, it depends on the type of travel insurance you take.

  • A decent travel insurance policy will cover emergency medical expenses.
  • A good insurance cover will reimburse you for theft or loss of your baggage and personal items.
  • An excellent travel insurance policy will go even further: it will cover you if you’re into adventure sports, pay a ticket to your relative to visit you if you get stuck, give you a 24/7 helpline for assistance, and much more.
Can I get travel insurance for the USA?

It’s important you choose the right travel insurance when visiting the States. First, because it’s a requirement to get a US visitor visa. Second, all medical insurance is private in the US; so a visit to the doctor can cost you a small fortune.

That said, the US and Canada are often not covered by a “worldwide” travel insurance policy. But with Beema, you’re safe. Choose our Travel Smart option and you will be prompted to add our “US & Canada” extra coverage.

What is Personal Liability in travel insurance?

Mishaps can happen to you. But you can also be “the source” of the mishap. This is basically what a personal liability cover protects you from: damage you may unintentionally cause to another person during your trip.

How can I get travel insurance?

Typically, you’d have to visit a branch office of your insurance company, present a bunch of papers, and so on. At Beema, we made it simple. You hop over to our quote calculator, fill in some basic information, and your quote is ready in 3 minutes.

Does your travel insurance cover COVID-19?

Yes. We will cover the emergency medical expenses that you might incur in the visiting country. If your COVID-19 test comes back positive, we will cover up to USD 100 a day (for a maximum of 15 days) for any mandated quarantine you might be asked to follow.

Pro tip: get your COVID-19 vaccine. Besides keeping you safe, it will also give you a 20% discount on your travel insurance quote.

Am I covered if I have to anticipate my return home?

Our Travel Smart insurance policy will reimburse you up to USD 5,000 for any unused hotel stay or extra plane tickets if you have to return home earlier due to a family misfortune.

Is travel insurance required to get a Schengen visa?

Yes. A Schengen-compliant travel insurance policy is a must-have if you want to apply for a Schengen visa.

If I buy a travel insurance policy now, when will It start?

Your insurance policy won’t start until the start date you selected in your quote calculator. So you can safely purchase the policy today for a trip you’re planning for next month. You won’t be paying for the days while you’re still at home.