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Turn your home into your safe place.

Home insurance for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates. Protect your building, its contents, and your belongings from theft, fire, water leaks, and other unpredictable stuff. For as little as AED 1 a day.

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For owners, we recommend:

If you're a landlord renting out the space

  • Building insurance
  • Liability coverage
  • Rent reimbursement

If you're an owner living in your place

  • Building insurance
  • Liability coverage
  • Home contents protection
  • Worldwide personal belongings protection
  • Replacement home during
  • essential repairs
  • Accident cover for your
  • domestic helpers
  • Up to AED 2,100 of assistance benefits
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For tenants, we recommend:

If you're just renting the place

  • Liability coverage
  • Contents insurance
  • Worldwide personal belongings protection
  • Accident cover for your domestic helpers
  • Up to AED 2,100 of assistance
  • benefits
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A sneak peek of what you get:

Building insurance

Protect your home from all the nasty stuff that can happen: fire, water leaks, accidental damage, breakage of fixtures, and more.

A burglar tried to welcome himself and ruined your door? You’re covered. A tree fell on your roof and damaged it? No worries, we’ve got your back.

Contents insurance, with a capital C.

Your furniture, your appliances, your artwork—everything covered in one click. We even reimburse you all the goodies you had in your freezer if there’s a power outage caused by leakage or similar.

Got help at the house?

Accidents happen, but that's why we're here. Protect your domestic helpers from medical and repatriation expenses, death, or permanent total disablement & funeral costs.

But there's more!

A leaking pipe and need a plumber?

You get up to AED 2,100 for any home assistance services you may need (plumber, locksmith, you name it).

That same nasty leak found a way to your neighbour’s living room?

t’s not just your home that’s insured. You get liability coverage, too, for any claims made against you or your family.

Your home = more than just walls

Contents in your home [up to maximum]

Contents temporarily removed [up to maximum]

Contents in the open

Theft of keys

Spoilage of food in freezer

Loss of rent or cost of alternate accomodation [up to maximum]

Household removals

Fatal Injury benefit

Visitors personal effects

Occupiers personal and employers liability

Tenants liability

Accidental damage to contents [up to maximum]

Home assistance

Personal belongings, valuables and portable equipment [up to maximum]

Personal money & credit cards

Loss of passport, driving license, work permit etc

Domestic helpers