About Beema

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What makes you different from other insurance companies?

Beema is the UAE's first and only pay-per-kilometer car insurance provider. We're also the quickest and easiest way to get high value, low cost car insurance online.

Plus, Beema is partnered with AXA, helping us to give you:

  • The highest levels of motor protection in the Middle East
  • The experience, security and service standards of a renowned international organisation
  • 24-hour accident recovery, guaranteed repairs and round-the-clock service for our customers

Seen a lower quote somewhere else? Before you make a decision, make sure you do a cover to cover comparison AND factor in getting up to 25% cashback at the end of the year based on the distance you drive.

Can Beema be my point of contact for any further insurance questions?

Yes, we are happy to answer any questions you might have over the phone or email support@beema.ae. However, any claims related questions will have to be referred to our colleagues at AXA. You can reach them directly by dialing 800 AXA (292)

Where is your office?

Beema car insurance is an all-online business. You can contact us over the phone or email our team at support@beema.ae if you require any information or assistance. We'll be happy to help.