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What does excess (or deductible) in case of repair mean?

If you are the party at fault, the excess or deductible is the amount of money you have to pay before your insurance covers the rest. For example, if your car needs 3,000 AED in repairs and your policy has a 350 AED deductible, then you are responsible for AED 350 and your insurance covers the remaining 2,650 AED.

What does the my Beema policy cover? Will I get all the benefits listed on the website?

Yes, you will get all the benefits listed on our What you get page. However you only qualify for agency repair if your car is less than three years old from the day it was registered. Our policy handbook lists the exact details and specifics you can download it from your email if you complete a quick quote.

How does the vehicle valuation (sum insured) affect me?

The vehicle valuation or sum insured is the maximum amount - excluding any excess amount - that the insurance company will pay in the event that your vehicle is a total loss. This amount is depreciated throughout the year, please see full details in your policy booklet.

Can I extend the agency repair period?

No, unfortunately this is not possible, as we sell a pre-packaged insurance product that can't be modified.

Who qualifies for Beema insurance?

To find out who we can cover, please look at our Beema handbook

Who is underwriting my policy?

We are partnered with AXA who acts as our underwriter. AXA is one of the leading insurance companies in the world, helping us to give you:

  • The highest levels of motor protection in the Middle East
  • The experience, security and service standards of a renowned international organisation
  • 24-hour accident recovery, guaranteed repairs and round-the-clock service for our customers

Do you sell comprehensive or third party insurance?

We currently offer high value comprehensive insurance online. Please have a look at the list of benefits page to see what's included, or press the 'Get a quote' button to get a price on a policy in less than a minute!

Third party coverage is available offline, but the mileage discount doesn’t apply.

Does damage, loss and tp liability mean comprehensive? ( insurance certificate )

Yes, it is comprehensive insurance. Damage, loss, and 3rd party liability are the 3 things covered in full/comprehensive insurance.

Which traffic system will my policy be uploaded to?

This depends on the emirate your car is registered in. Insurance companies handle this for you. You can rest assured knowing your policy will be submitted to the correct traffic system. The RTA in Dubai, for example.