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How do I submit a claim?

All claims are handled by our partner, AXA. There are a number of ways available to file a claim request:

Who do I contact if I have questions about my open claim?

All claims requests and inquiries are handled by our partner, AXA.

If you have any claim related questions, please call AXA at 800 AXA (292)

What do I need in order to submit a car insurance claim?

To submit a claim request to AXA, you will need the following documents:

  • Police accident report
  • Copy of your vehicle registration
  • Drivers license

How can I monitor my claim status?

To monitor the status of your claim, call AXA on 800 AXA (292).

Claims can also be monitored online. Visit to monitor claims.

Why can't I process my claim through Beema, as I bought my policy from you?

Beema is an all-online insurance agent. We are the first and only provider of cashback car insurance in the UAE. No one else can offer you up to 25% cashback based on the distance you drive.

We're partnered with and underwritten by AXA. This means our customers all receive high value AXA car insurance as standard.

Regulatory bodies legally require the underwriter to process and handle all claim requests, procedures, and inqueries.

Should I still file a claim with AXA if the incident is not my fault?

If you get into an accident, or something happens to your vehicle, you will need to file a claim, even if it’s not your fault.

If I submit a claim, will it affect the size of my cashback rebate for driving less?

No, submitting a claim has no affect on the size of your cashback rebate for driving less. However there will be no rebate if you have a total loss.

If I submit a claim, will it effect the price of my policy at renewal?

Every policyholder’s situation is unique, so depending on your circumstances, your premium may or may not be affected. It depends in part on the terms of your policy, how many claims you’ve filed in the past and insurance regulations in your state. If you are concerned, don’t hesitate to call us.

What is the excess (deductibles) that I have to pay if I make a claim?

The excess depends on the valuation of your vehicle:

Car value Excess
0 - 49,999 350 AED
50,000 - 99,999 500 AED
100,000 - 199,999 500 AED
200,000 - 299,999 750 AED
300,000 - 349,999 1,200 AED
350,000 - 999,999 1,400 AED