Frequently Asked Questions

What is the discount? What do I have to do to get full 30% discount?

We offer a discount for low mileage vehicles. That means if you have a vehicle that drives below 32,000 KM per year, you will benefit from up to 30% discount on the price.

Is the discount on the price upfront or cashback?

The discount is upfront, that means you only pay for the KM you drive. An odometer reading is required to validate the mileage.

Will I pay more at the time of the insurance purchase if my vehicles are high-mileage?

You never pay more than for the mileage you declare at the time of your insurance purchase. If you are staying within your declared mileage, your premium is locked and will never increase. Beema will conduct pulse checks to verify if the vehicle is being driven under declared mileage.

Will I pay more if I drive more than the mileage I claimed when buying my policy?

Yes. Beema Fleets conducts a pulse check once a year to verify your vehicles odometer. If you drive more than the mileage you claimed at the time of the purchase, then the price will be readjusted.

What is a flexible payment plan?

We offer a flexible payment plan where you only pay the Third Party Liability (TPL) amount upfront during the subscription. You can then choose to pay the remaining Comprehensive portion of your premium either monthly, quarterly or semi-annually with no extra fees.

If I choose a monthly payment plan, will the price be higher?

No. Your choice of payment plan has absolutely no impact on the price you pay. You are free to decide to pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually with no extra fees.

What are the payment methods available?

We accept credit card payment and bank transfers.

In case of accident, how long will the repair takes?

We know your vehicles are critical for your business and we want to protect your operations. With Beema, repairs are fast and fully guaranteed. Our average repair turnaround time is 5 days and all spare parts used are genuine. We also offer 1-year guarantee for body repairs and 6-month guarantee for mechanical repairs.