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Promotion: TAHANI CARD
Online customers can avail a Tahani card worth 150 AED on their car insurance if they purchase a comprehensive car insurance online before June 2, 2020 and apply code FUELCARD at Beema.ae.
This promotion is not applicable to third party insurance.
This promotion is not valid on customers transaction through other channels than Beema.ae. Tahani card can not be refunded or substituted for cash. The Tahani card will be shipped per courier after payment and when the policy is activated.
United Arab Emirates, 25th March 2020 - Beema Insurance, part of ENOC Group , announced its plans to support the people of the UAE to save money and provide financial relief by providing ‘one month of car insurance for free ’ to anyone buying a comprehensive car insurance policy online and using the code TOGETHER on www.beema.ae.
One month free on Beema
Users can avail a free month on their comprehensive car insurance if they purchase online before April 30th 2020 when they apply code TOGETHER online at Beema.ae.
The one month deduction of the premium can only be applied and availed if the premium does not go below the minimum premium set by the Insurance Authority. This promotion is not applicable to third party insurance.
The move comes in line with Beema’s continued efforts towards supporting the social distancing practices as urged by the authorities. The current social distancing measures have resulted in people resorting to self-quarantine and looking for ways to renew their car registration online.
“At Beema, we feel it is our duty to support and contribute where we can. We deeply feel for people affected by the current situation and we are committed in contributing to our community, by making the insurance registration easy and by offering financial relief measures”, said Beema CEO, Nicola Garelli.
The Government of the UAE has implemented measures to protect people and limit the spread of COVID-19, including enhanced screening and quarantine measures. The closure of schools, the initiation of distance learning, and offices asking their employees to work from home are influencing our lifestyle and businesses.
On March 23, the Ministry of Interior and National Emergency and the Crisis and Disasters Management Authority enabled car registration online and waived testing requirements for three months, to enable social distancing and protect customers from Covid-19. "Customers may benefit from this measure without the need to pay traffic fines, perform vehicle inspection or risk confiscation or traffic points", the Ministry of Interior had tweeted.
Beema Insurance is ready to face whatever challenge lies ahead and is committed to continuing to extend its support to customers by providing best in class services and fast turnaround times. Beema’s multiple servicing channels and 24/7 access ensures customers have the flexibility in how they choose to connect with Beema.
About Beema
Beema brings to market an innovative, pay-per-kilometer car insurance offering tailor made for the UAE. Beema was founded in June 2019, following a joint innovation sprint by ENOC and BCG Digital Ventures, in partnership with AXA Insurance. After a series of pilots and soft launches from May through August, it is now rolling out across the U.A.E.
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