🏆 Beema was voted 'Best Insurtech Solution' in the Middle East!
Designed by people - for people.
We’re here to make you change your idea about insurance from necessary evil to wow.
We are young, but we have a solid backing.
Beema is part of Next, an accelerator program of ENOC Group. And our insurance policies are underwritten by some of the most trusted insurance brands in the world
We embody the spirit of the UAE
We are a diverse team who has one passion in common: take "standard" car insurance and evolve it into something completely different. We definitely reflect the multicultural spirit of the UAE. If we had to create our team in the form of a dish, it would be something like ful medames with labneh, a crispy dosa garnished with authentic Edam cheese – served with a tiny (but strong) cup of esperesso. Yummy.
Our core values
Champion the mission
Think and act big! We are wildly committed to our mission, and are guided by our purpose and values. If it doesn't serve our goal, we ask 'Should we be working on it?'. If yes, then we make it happen!
Keep things simple
From the way we talk, how we work, our process (or lack of), and the solutions we offer - we are always simple, transparent and open! We move with agility and pace; keeping things simple, enables us to launch quickly and innovate as we go.
Win together
Achievement is our ultimate goal. We are stronger united & we succeed together, not as individuals. Prioritising, supporting and enabling one another to grow. We build on ideas; our default is "yes, and" rather than "no, but" - If we disagree, we listen, share feedback, and once we set the goal we commit!
Be of service
Exceptional service means putting people first - we say what we mean and do what we say, because reliability builds trust. We prioritise what matters to make impact, and to do great things, we must leave our ego at the door.