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Car Insurance
How can I get Beema insurance?

It's super easy. Click here and follow the simple instructions. It will take you less than three minutes to get a quote and around 5 minutes to finish the purchase. Our website is designed for comfortable use both with a computer and with a smartphone.

Do you estimate the value of my car yourselves?

Yes, we calculate the value of your car based on the parameters you provide us, such as model, make, year, and so on. However, you can increase or reduce this value during the application process.

If I buy a policy today, when will my policy start? Can it start right away

It takes us around two days to process your purchase and prepare your documents, so the quickest date is two days from the purchase. If you want your policy to start later, you can choose to postpone it up to 30 days from the purchase.

If you need your policy to start today, you can call us at 800-BEEMA (23362); we’ll fast-track your quote and activate it the same day.

I can't find my car model in the drop-down menu. Why is that?

We are working hard to expand the list of car models we can insure. If you cant find your car make and model on the list, give us a call on 800-BEEMA (23362) and we’ll help you out.

You are asking me to put the “Type” of car make and model. Where can I find this information?

By <i>type</i>, we mean your car’s trim or engine size. In most cases, you can find it at the back of your car, either on the trunk door or on the side.

Does my financing information affect my quote?

No, it doesn’t.

Can you do the quote and payment process on my behalf?

We are happy to assist you over the phone with getting a quote, but the purchase process has to be made by you. The reason is quite simple, and it concerns keeping your sensitive data safe. During the payment process, you need to provide data regarding your payment card. This is very sensitive data which we cannot handle over the phone.

How can I pay for my insurance?

We accept all credit and debit cards.

Can I upgrade to comprehensive insurance if I am currently insured Third-party?

It depends on your car’s condition and the approval of our underwriters. If you would like to upgrade, get in touch with us: we’ll ask you to send us some additional details (e.g. pictures of your car), and we’ll let you know.

Who is allowed to drive my car?

Anyone who is of legal driving age and has a valid driving license can drive your car. When it comes to your insurance, the benefits covering your car and the passengers will be active, while the driver will not be insured, because the insurance policy was not issued in his/her name.

Careful: If you want to lend your car to relatives or friends visiting from abroad, they need to have an <b>international driving license</b>, because the driving license issued in their country is not valid in the UAE.

What’s the difference between comprehensive insurance and Third party liability?

In simple terms, comprehensive insurance covers damage to others, but also to your car, yourself, your valuables and the people driving with you. Third-party liability covers only damage you cause to other people and their property.

What does 'insured value' of the vehicle mean?

The insured value is the amount at which you estimate your car’s value when buying the insurance. It serves as the starting point for calculating insurance payouts you get in case of an accident.

What is the difference between agency and non-agency repairs?

If you choose our comprehensive insurance with agency repairs, it means that your car will be repaired only in authorised dealerships of your car’s brand.

If you opt for a non-agency cover, we will repair your car in repair shops that do not belong to your authorised dealership network, but they meet the strict quality criteria of our underwriters.

Can I get lifetime agency repairs for my car?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Agency repairs are available for cars aged five years or less.

Do I get a replacement car that is the same or similar to my own?

We’ll provide you with a safe and reliable replacement car. In most cases, it will be a 1.3 L car, such as a Hyundai Accent, a Nissan Sentra or a Mitsubishi Lancer.

If I don’t need a replacement car while my car is being repaired, can I get a cash reimbursement instead?

Unfortunately not.

Who do you consider a young driver?

You know what they say: age is a matter of mind 🙂

For insurance purposes though, we consider anyone aged 25 or less to be a young driver.

Are repairs guaranteed?

Yes, our comprehensive covers come with a six-month or twelve-month warranty on repairs, depending on the car parts replaced.

Are my personal belongings covered? Can I drive off-road? What about the breakdown recovery?

Roadside assistance, off-road insurance, Oman extension… Your Beema insurance is packed with protection. We made a big effort to think of all the benefits you might need, so you never get any surprise bills coming your way.

Check out our benefits list to see the complete list of all the perks included in your cover.

What is an Orange card?

An Orange card is a certificate which you get when buying third-party liability insurance for the country you are visiting.

Why do you need it?

Your regular car insurance covers you for accidents that happen within the UAE only. If you are driving to another Arab country, your insurance won’t be valid there. This applies to third-party and comprehensive coverage. So you need to think about getting an extra cover.

Luckily, your Beema insurance has you covered in Oman for damages to your property (your car, yourself, your belongings). Therefore, you only need to get an Orange card for third-party liability and you are all set for your weekend trip!