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Smart Comprehensive (Non-Agency Repairs)

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In car mishaps, your car gets damaged, too.

In case of an accident, there’s usually two people involved, and you’re one of them. Third-party insurance will pay for the other person’s damage. But what about your car? Or that big scratch on the screen your laptop earned when it flew off the passenger seat?

Paying for repairs out of your pocket is never fun. And if your car is up to 7 years old, the final bill to fix those dents can get very high, very quickly.

With this fully comprehensive cover, you’re safe from those surprise bills. And you can earn up to 25% cashback on your premium + get rewarded for safe driving, too.

Recommended for cars aged:


What you get:

Full coverage: protect others, yourself, and your car

Pay-per-kilometer: earn up to 25% cashback based on how much you drive during the year.

SmartDriver option: earn rewards for safe and responsible driving.

Cashback options:


Earn up to 25% cashback at the end of your policy period based on the distance you drove during the year.

SmartDriver coming soon

Earn rewards at the end of your policy period based on your measured driving behavior like speeding, phone handling, and smooth driving during the year.


Extra benefits

Extra 10% off when you buy online
Cashback options:
(coming soon)

With this cover, you can get up to 25% cashback on your premium for driving less + extra rewards for driving safely.

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