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Super Third-Party

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Third-Party insurance doesn’t have to be plain vanilla.

If your car is a bit older, it makes sense you consider going only for third-party insurance.

But even basic can be made better, right?

With Beema Super Third-Party, you get topped up third-party limits, so you are covered even if you scratch your neighbor’s Bentley.

You also get roadside assistance. Just in case you lock yourself out of the car, or your battery goes flat while you’re miles from home. It happens.

Recommended for cars aged:


What you get:

Third-party insurance with damage limit increased from AED 2m to AED 3.5m.

24-hour roadside assistance

Recommended for cars aged:



Extra benefits

Extra 10% off when you buy online
No Cashback

We took basic and made it better. Buy your policy online for 10% off Super Third-Party insurance.

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